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A Celtic in the Blood Novel


Liam McShane fancies himself as the village stud. Not difficult in a rural Irish backwater that boasts a bigger population of sheep than humans. Life is simple, until a fanged encounter with the mythical Dearg Due leaves him trapped in the limbo of the undead, where he must drink blood or face the prospect of becoming a mindless, flesh-eating revenant. 
And Liam isn't the only one in Crooke guarding a secret. He meets his match in Hollywood movie star in hiding Odette Taylor. Escaping a past that's come back to haunt her, the media backlash of a sex tape that's gone viral, and an aggressive fiancé, she's come to the rural backwater hoping to find peace. Instead she encounters a horde of rabid paparazzi, all too eager to feast on the carcass of her tarnished celebrity stardom. 
Her unlikely saviour is a hapless, hunky vampire who's failing miserably at keeping a low profile. 
Liam and Odette find themselves increasingly embroiled in the train-wrecks of each other's lives, and it's all good fun, until somebody gets hurt. Then the Lost Boy of Crooke finds he has some serious growing-up to do. 
The vampire and the movie star, a star-crossed couple with no foreseeable future together, must battle gods, mythical monsters and the relentless media if they are to stand the smallest chance of getting out of this mess unscathed. 

Although this is the second in the Celtic in The Blood series, it can be read as a standalone. 
18+ for explicit sexual content. 

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